Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Golf and other Life Lessons

Recently I have taken up golf..mostly because my kids have become interested and my husband who has always played loves taking them out to play.  So I figured what the heck...this might be fun.  Well it was the first couple of times at the driving range, the kids and husband took me out and they were all shocked at how well, and how far I could hit the ball.  Well that did not last long!!!! My boys took lessons at the local course and then I decided to take class the next week.

I am not sure how or why getting that little ball into the hole can be so frustrating??? Well apparently as Cappy the golf pro says "golf is a game with too much information!"  yes, it is!  you have to be springy in the knees, hinge at the hips, keep your hands in the proper grip in a V shape, keep the seven iron at toe up, toe up, keep your head still, shift your weight, say cheeseburger, swing, and pose.  Now...I can tell you no one is going to want to play golf with me...it would take them twelve hours to get through 18 holes by the time I remember all of this!  Plus...I am the mommy that walks out of the house in the morning and needs to make sure I have put on pants......Can I really remember all of this!? 

My kids thought I did awesome, and really that is all that matters!  Let's face it...I am no lady golf pro, and I will never be, but my boys watching me out hit the 18 and 19 year old guys that were in the class with me was a priceless moment:)))

Monday, August 16, 2010

Boys on the MOVE!

These two are keeping me busy this year!  Brett is now in 5th grade and I cannot keep the kid in clothes...Andy is in 2nd and has a mouth that will not quit:)  Brett is playing Football and surprisingly really enjoying school this year.  Andy is participating in Soccer and said his teacher was cuckoo for cocoa puffs?!  Pictures will be posted soon of upcoming sports activities!